Monday, March 28, 2005

Jealous blog

Now that Nathan is posting, I feel like I should be, too. So while he is sitting on the couch reading a cookbook, asking if we have cilantro, I'll post. He's studying up for our Thursday dinner guest, Cia. He decided that, since all of the attendees will be thin, he can make a light meal. Scallops and melon or something. We love having guests for dinner. It's really the best way to socialize in New York for these reasons:
  • It obliges you to clean your apartment, especially the bathroom.
  • It gives an opportunity to cook from a recipe (which usually involves obtaining a new kitchen gadget and a new spice).
  • It's so much more fun and intimate than a restaurant. Don't get me wrong: I live and die for restaurants. But cooking is fun too, and cooking for friends is so Ina Garten.
Since I'm hard at work, Nathan decided to take care of salad himself. Sweet! I'll continue my posting, as he tries to get attention by singing Lindsay Lohan. Incidentally, I think Lindsay Lohan is the bomb. She's no Olsen, but her cd is fun and queeny.

Nathan's last posting is all about our baby, the iMac, that turned our apartment into a disco inferno for a few minutes on Saturday morning. I've decided not to tell anyone at work about the incident, for fear that it will make them think less of Apple than they already do. I can't stand all these bitches who run around sporting iPods, calling the Apple store "the iPod store," and then hating on Apple computers. (When I asked my tech guys about setting up a vpn in my apartment, they asked me which version of Windows I was running. When they learned the truth, they replied: "Ooh...a MAC?!?" Bitches). Anyway, Nathan took the baby to Digital Society and they made some distant promise about seven business days. In the meantime we'll be watching Twin Peaks and Arrested Development on the 12" Powerbook.