Saturday, April 23, 2005

A suit at last!

After approximately two years of searching, I finally bought a suit today at Daffy's on 5th Avenue. The last suit I bought was from Benetton in 2003, and recently I decided that it no longer fits, much to Nathan's dismay. I can still wear the pants, which I had lengthened a few months ago, but the jacket is a bit short in the arms, and they can't be altered. The scary thing is, I had no problem with the suit last summer, and that leads me to believe that I'm still growing!

I don't know why it's so hard for me, though, especially in New York. I see tall, skinny queens all over the place, and all we want are clothes with long inseams and arms. But I go to Benetton and everything is shaped like a cardboard box. I'll occasionally find some random sweater that's slim and long--but why are the only consistently well-sized clothes way out of my price range? I can go to Filene's Basement and try on a Prada blazer, in a 46R, and it fits me like a glove. And that's the R. Can you imagine the L? There's imitation designer clothing in every store, but they always double the torso and halve the arms. What gives? Give us skinny clothes and we'll aspire to skinniness. No wonder men get so frumpy in their 30s--they're allowed to. Is there anyone out there besides Hedi Slimane and the Kaiser who force men to check themselves?

Other news today is that we finally got the Barbados photos online.

Last night I went to a bar called Caviar and Banana with Meaghan and Brenda. Cute place--though I'm sure it's pricey. It had fabulous lighting, like in the movie Birth. Very soft, and diffused by wicker shades. Tonight we're off to Beauty Bar with Emily and the Toulousbians

Nathan's shitting a brick over how good my marinade smells. I have some chicken in the fridge bathing in soy sauce, ginger, garlic, honey, and pineapple juice. I'm going to whip up a sexy little stirfry tonight before we go out.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

That's kind of gay

Nathan has me beat on the weblog, so I'm going to try to catch up a little bit. I have to agree with him about the pathetic displays of homosexuality last night from Ketan, the Canadian-English-Indian queen. First, he declared that New York's crazy Footloose-esque dancing laws were so "American." Then he tried hitting on a nice straight friend who was already probably maxed out on gayness. (Also, even if a straight guy were to swing, it wouldn't be for Ketan!). Gross.

The New York Times writes today that New Yorkers have embraced FreshDirect, "even while its ubiquitous trucks, piles of discarded boxes and high prices have irritated others." Wtf? High prices? I was so annoyed that I wrote a letter! Where are these people shopping that's cheaper? FD can be bad from time to time, but they're aren't evil like Netflix. Prices are good. And complain as people may about the boxes, they certainly have helped scores of people move.

We're off to dee islands tomorrow and I can't wait to get tan and blond! And to have a vacation. I haven't taken anything more than a 3-day weekend since I started this job in September. I'm so excited.