Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I went to D'Agostino to get some produce for dinner tonight, and I have rarely gotten so depressed in a grocery store. Their selection, at the University Place location anyway, is abominable. The one up by Uncle Teddy on Broadway might as well have a different name. This one is disgusting. I only go in there when I can't handle the Whole Foods crowd or when I just need one or two things. I'd so much rather it be a shady bodega. Every piece of produce is dry, wrinkled and sad. After staring at it for 10 minutes without selecting anything, I went looking for Mrs. T's Pierogies which, amazingly, were in stock for just $2.99 (the same price they are in Pittsburgh!). Happy day!

Work has been relatively uneventful this week since both of my bosses were out yesterday and today. I finally finished working on my recipes this morning, and I spent the afternoon preparing to send out jury letters for the final. Every time the FCI has a final exam, they persuade chefs from around the city to be judges (they get champagne, car service, and a gift certificate to L'École). They get pretty famous people in there, like Jean-Georges, Tom Colicchio, Rocco, etc. Pastry and bread finals get experts in those fields. Anyway, it's going to be my job to find out which people we want to invite and then to send them invitations. I'm happy to have a bit of administrative work, because it makes me feel like I'm really doing something.

Otherwise, I've found myself quite annoyed at the dress code at the FCI and in general, and the ways in which it applies to men and women. Has anyone noticed that women get away with just about anything--as long as they don't look like whores--and men can't get away without a tie? Now, I personally enjoy wearing a tie and getting dressed up, so it's not like I'm lazy or I mind that much. But women can come to work in shorts and tee-shirts, and nobody notices (I don't mean like a Disney World tee-shirt, I mean a short-sleeved shirt). How is that fair? It's not fair. The problem is that there is no standard for business dress for women. We can't exactly force girls to wear dresses or suits--or can we? If we force men to wear ties, even on stifling August todays like today, why aren't women expected to be just as uncomfortable? Not that dresses and skirts are uncomfortable. I wish I could wear a skirt to work.

Anyway, I just think it's bullshit that there is only one way for a man to dress in business attire, and it involves a tie. Women can wear whatever the hell they please.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Weekend fun!

I had a great time this weekend traveling all over four of the five boroughs and eating tons of tomatoes. On Friday night, n8than and I went to Yonkers for a sleepover party with Emily and Sara. It was so refreshing. New York was hot and disgusting and crowded. Getting on the Hudson Line from Grand Central provided a much needed escape. We were greeted with delicious apéritifs: avocado, saucisson sec, sharp cheddar cheese and wine. For dinner we enjoyed a fabulous plate of tomatoes with basil leaves and zuccanoes, all with veggies from Mr. Brouwer's garden. For dessert, Emily made excellent chocolate brownies in a rose cake pan. We all went to bed stuffed and, despite CC the cat's constant wailing throughout the night, we slept great.

In the morning we had freshly baked muffins and then headed off to Jones Beach. We had some trouble with lifeguards not allowing us to swim outside the stupid green flags, but we walked all the way over the gay beach and enjoyed some swimming there, far away from the lifeguards. The water was a little rough (and full of jellyfish!), but it was warm for the first time all summer.

Last night was Jeannie's surprise bat mitzvah party on her roof in Williamsburg (from which we had a commanding view of Manhattan). It was cool, breezy and beautiful outside, and we stayed until past one. Today was to have been the FCI picnic, but it was cancelled because of the forecast. Instead, we wrestled with NYU students at K-Mart to get some iron-on patches (long story) and did laundry.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I just got back from a sailing trip with Daily Candy out to the Statue of Liberty and back again. I'm not sure who arranged it or what it was for, but there was an open bar and we had a great time. It's a beautiful night--cool enough for a jacket--and we had fabulous views. One of the cocktail waitresses on the boat was the sister of Jasmine Kurjakovic, a girl I grew up with in Pittsburgh. The waitress, Adina, and I went to the same middle, elementary and high schools, so we had a lot of shit to talk. I was proud of myself for not getting sick on the boat, but I'm chugging club soda right now and hoping I don't hurl. I don't feel so hot all of a sudden.

My second day at work was another success. A fat, buttery one. I ate all day. At 10 am my boss brought me a fresh poppy seed bagel. Then at noon we had lunch. At about 2, she brought me brioche, then an hour later I found a pile of croissants and pains au chocolat on my desk. It's pretty outrageous, the amount of food people eat. But I walk to and from work, and I may eventually take advantage of my discount to the gym. Then again I have a long way to go before I have to worry.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Tangelos in August!

Anyone who can get to Whole Foods Market should get there within the next few days to get some delicious mineola tangelos. I didn't think those were ever available at this time of year. Shows what I know because I just ate one and it was delicious!

Weekend adventures

This has been a fun and productive weekend! Friday was my last day in my old job, which was a little sad but nearly as sad I thought it would be. The girls got me a bottle of champagne and we had an office toast, a very nice way to send me off to happy hour. A few tears were shed, but none by me, and I was more than happy to see the last of the phone. I spent about half the day on the phone talking to my favorite vendors, like the great girls at Valerie Wilson Travel. They helped me so many times this year, and they were always so pleasant (they ought to be when they charge $50 per ticket issued!).

Friday evening was spent at Splash having cocktail after cocktail. Most of the people who were invited didn't come, but the five of us boys had a gay, vodka-soaked blast. We stayed until after 10 and were even able to dance for a while! I was terrified of a hangover on Saturday, but I drank enough water that I avoided it entirely.

Saturday was a lazy day spent lying around the house watching Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte with Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland. I have been trying to see that movie since Chris first told me about it years ago. It finally came out on dvd a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed it, but not as much as I enjoyed What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, which is, in many ways, incredibly similar. My favorite line was when Jewel Mayhew fingered the ruffle on her sleeve and said, "Ruined finery...that's all I have left." I intend to say that every time I open my underwear drawer from now on. Otherwise the plot was so complicated that I could hardly keep up. At least it had a clear ending, though, unlike Baby Jane. Bette Davis is so good at playing crazy old women who stalk around beautiful houses terrorizing people.

Today I went shopping with Uncle Teddy in SoHo for some work shirts. I found two great shirts and a pair of pants at Daffy's (in addition to the two cute sweater vests I found there yesterday). If it weren't for Daffy's I'd have to go naked to work. I can almost always find something there, especially now that the Fall line is in.

I'll post again tomorrow after my first day at the FCI!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Non, rien de rien, non...

Today is my last day in PR. I was feeling pretty sad yesterday, especially when an exec kept telling me that if I stayed I would have been able to travel to Paris for a new client (I don't believe that at all, by the way. They wouldn't send me to Georgia last winter, and they certainly wouldn't hire someone new just so I could go to Paris for a couple days. Just more empty promises, which is what this firm seems to be built on). I'm not feeling sad now, though, because I went into The FCI (they're very particular about calling it The FCI, and not just FCI) yesterday and learned about my job and benefits. There are some really cool ones, among them:
  • Free health insurance
  • Up to $750 a year of dental, whatever it may be (whitening would be included!)
  • Two free dinners for two with wine per year at L'Ecole
  • Free massage therapy once or twice a year
  • Free lunch every day
  • TransitChek, if I decide it's too cold to walk
  • 401(k) with match
  • After 5 years, I'll get 18 days vacation per year
And some other little things too. Also, my job is better than I thought. They hired a former French teacher to run the library and handle much of the administrative tasks (like exams, etc.). I'll be focusing on editing and tightening recipes, and I'll be sitting in Jacques Pépin's office since he's hardly ever there. I'll be floating for the next year or so until there's more office space (they are in the process of expanding to the two floors above).

So, all in all, I made the right decision. Everyone at The FCI seems to have been there for more than 10 years, and they all say it's a fantastic place to work. Here goes nothin'!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Bruni Digest

This is a public service announcement. Your life will be markedly better if you read Frank Bruni's restaurant reviews in the NY Times on Wednesdays, and then the Bruni Digest on Thursdays, in which some chick in Brooklyn makes fun of every review. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll print, you'll read over and over.

Die, MTA, die!

I just sent the following complaint to MTA online:

I work at the southeast corner of 3rd Ave and 42nd St, and I have problems crossing the street there almost every day because cars stop in the crosswalk. Today was the worst incident of that, and it involved a giant New York City bus (one of the express, coach-looking buses). The license plate number was L-85651 (I think the id # on the bus was 3012, but I only had time to take a picture of the license plate). It was on Third Avenue, so far forward during the red light that the nose was on 42nd Street. The crosswalk was obliterated, and passengers were walking in moving traffic on 42nd to get around him. I walked to his window and made a motion for him to move back (there was nobody behind him in the bus lane--it would have been easy). Instead of reversing, he shot me a mean look and
gave me the middle finger.

Please let me know how you are going to handle this.

I hate people who stop in the crosswalk. Under n8than's influence, I've started punching and kicking cars (in fact I punched the windshield of this bus, but I left that part out of my complaint). Normally I'll give buses a break (better one bus than 30 cars), but this bus was empty, so he had no excuse to break the law!

I'm so glad I only have to get through that intersection once more! I'm sure it gets nasty in SoHo too, but it's hard to imagine it being any worse.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ethnic food

The New York Post reports today that a couple eating at a "fancy" Jersey Shore restaurant noticed that their receipt said Jew Couple. When they showed it to the manager, she said there was nothing derogatory about it, and eventually asked them to leave since they were making a scene. My favorite part of the Post's story is the following quote from the manager: "We use it as a form of identity," she said. She would not elaborate on what the restaurant does when there is more than one couple assumed to be Jewish at the restaurant.

When I worked at restaurants without table numbers (sometimes even with table numbers), we would almost always give nicknames to tables. I don't remember ever using ethnic or religious words (though I bet we used "black" since there were so few blacks eating at the crêperie), but I'm sure we said "fat people," "dirty people," "ugly people," etc. But we would never have printed it on the receipt! That's outrageous. And apparently this guy's credit card statement even says "Jew Couple" on it! That's hard to believe, but the Post says it's true.

Today I ate lunch at Osteria Laguna with the boss, who wanted to take me out once more before I finish up on Friday. He was very nice and told me how much he regrets the whole situation. He also said he feels powerless and that that frustrates him. It was a cute restaurant with good food, although it was a bit noisy (plus my boss if half deaf, which didn't help matters). I ate asparagus-stuffed tortelli in a creamy tomato sauce.

Tonight I am making scallops but I don't know what to do with them. Stupid FreshDirect gave me a full pound when I ordered only a half pound.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

And the winner is...

We interviewed four people today, two of them in person. The first girl was very sweet and cute, but a bit too shy. I don't think she'd be able to handle the dark days when the phone rings nonstop and the CEO is there. I also don't think she'd really fit in in general. Marian the Librarian.The second guy was great. Surprisingly old (mid-30s), and quite accomplished. But listen to this, he's from Suriname, and he's had so many jobs because he had to pay his way through school (and he kept losing jobs because of his visa status). He speaks Dutch and Spanish, and he impressed everybody. But we gave it to him straight: this is an entry level job with little hope of a promotion before a year or two passes. He seemed okay with that, but he said he'd have to think it over as well.

Next we did the phone interviews. The first girl was great, and I think we'll offer her the job. She went to a good school, spent a year in Madrid, has good internship experience, and she was very well spoken. It's hard to impress people on the phone, but she did it. I took the call in the CEO's office. "So, Ms. So and So, you want to work in PR, do you?" And the last girl we interviewed was a lunatic. And a ditz. She prefaced every question with, "So, this is a REALLY silly question but..." On top of that, she's in LA. Honey, why bother? We picked you out of hundreds, so you clearly have what it takes to get a job. Get your ass to New York!

I asked the good one to come in on Monday to meet everybody (everybody except me, that is, cause I'll have peaced out by then!).

Pray for Madonna! Eat the poor!

Madonna had a serious accident today while riding her horse at her country estate, according to CNN. She broke some ribs, a hand, her collarbone, her conical breasts, etc. And this was during her birthday celebration! This supports my theory that people should stay off those beasts. Especially weak old divas.

In other bad news, some poor people in Virginia were waiting in line to buy old laptops for $50. When the doors opened, they stampeded! The CNN story is full of juicy quotes, like this one from a young man who bought an iBook: "I took my chair here and I threw it over my shoulder and I went, 'Bam,"' the 20-year-old said nonchalantly, his eyes glued to the screen of his new iBook, as he tapped away on the keyboard at a testing station.

And some other woman waited in line so long that she wet her pants rather than give up her place in line. If people are this crazy and poor, and they will step on old ladies to get in front of them, what exactly are they going to do with a computer anyway?

Is it true?

Page 6 reports today that Eminem is engaging in heavy bashing of Mariah Carey on his current tour. I must have missed this whole scandal when it broke a few years back. At the time, I wasn't into Eminem, and Mariah and I were taking a break. Did these two really have an affair? Obviously something happened because they're both talking a lot of trash. Carey's manager says that Eminem's mean-spiritedness is scaring away fans, as proven by his declining record and ticket sales. Hiss! I guess he plays some voicemails from Mariah (she says they're fake!) and then pretends to vomit into a toilet, right before performing "Puke."

Monday, August 15, 2005

Zuni and Song

n8than and I ate at Zuni Cafe on Market Street Saturday night, and despite a few bugaboos it was a pleasant experience. It's an oddly laid out restaurant, with small rooms all over the place both upstairs and downstairs, and several tables that are practically in the kitchen. The host initially led us to a table that was about 2 feet from the bread slicing station. It's not normally my style to complain, but we had reservations and this is an expensive restaurant. The waiter took us upstairs to another weird table with the seats next to each other, and I didn't much feel like staring at other people all night so I complained again. Finally we got a sexy table in a tiny room where we could face each other and get down to business.

First we ordered the cheapest bottle of wine, a Baux de Provence or something, from Aix, for $24. It was delicious, although we became too drunk to finish it. For an appetizer we had the deep fried squash blossom. It tasted like extremely upscale bar food, especially as it was scattered with onion rings, but I could've eaten a few of those and called it a meal. My main course was a grilled bass with thin discs of cucumber and whole basil leaves, accompanied by a few fat slices of tomato. It was all very good, though the bass was slightly rubbery. n8than, being a strange meat queen, went for the rabbit, which he devoured. We shared a piece of flourless chocolate cake for dessert and left.

My flight home yesterday was atrocious, and I don't think I will fly Song again. Yes, it's cheap, and I enjoy the unique in-flight entertainment system (especially the trivia game!), but the staff is not professional. We took off an hour late, and getting to New York we hit some awful storms. The lightning outside the plane was beautiful, terrifying, and constant. The pilot announced that no flights were landing at JFK, and that we had "about 30 minutes of fuel left." He said he didn't know where we would end up landing, and that he'd keep us posted. Perfect! So we fly around for a while, with the lightning and heavy rain outside scaring the shit out of everybody. Finally he announces that we can land at JFK (at this point I checked our location and we were half way to England--I guess we had more than 30 minutes worth of gas after all).

Once we landed, we sat on the runway for almost an hour. Somebody got up to use the bathroom, and the bitchy head stewardess announces that we are not allowed to get up, and that if she sees anyone else stand or use the bathroom she will order the pilot to stop the plane. I finally got home at about 11 pm, and it was still pouring rain outside. I suppose I am lucky to have gotten home at all, and that most of it wasn't Song's fault. I just didn't like the tone taken by the stewardess or cavalier attitude of the pilot.

The good news is that I apparently missed the hottest days of the summer, and it's cool out now!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Brrr...San Francisco adventures

I'm in San Francisco and it feels like it's about to snow. I don't remember it being this cold last time I was here in August, but it's really in the 50s outside. It's a nice break from New York, though, where okadots says it's "offensively hot."

We went into this beautiful mid-century modern furniture store today on Market or Mission or some street like that, and I totally busted this guy shoplifting. The store was in two rooms, and there was only one person working there who couldn't see the second room at all. I walked back there and made eye contact with the guy just as he was stuffing something into his bag, and he looked at me and kind of laughed. I immediately went and told on him, and then we fled the scene. Oh! I also saw some hipster couple sitting on their stoop in the Mission district, and the guy was totally exposed. I'm serious, he was wearing shorts and his equipment was hanging out for all the world to see. That's not the first time I've seen that in Northern California. I'm tempted to put some kind of picture here, but I don't want to get in trouble.

On the way home we went into this gay thrift store called Out of the Closet, and I bought a tight little "slut cut" (as n8than called it) JPG sailor tee-shirt for $3.99. Tonight we're eating at Zuni Cafe, and tomorrow morning I head back to the pits of hell that I like to call home.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I saw a praying mantis in my office today. I went to get the Wall Street Journal and he was just sitting there, you know, praying. Scared the shit out me! AG put him in a cup and took him to Tudor City. God knows how he got in there. I hadn't seen one in about 10 years, so I figured they were extinct!

Die, luxury denim, die.

I've been saying for months that the denim market is just like the real estate market in New York, and that both are heading for a crash. Slate finally confirms my suspicions with an illuminating article today about the rise and imminent fall of denim. I became disturbed a few months ago in Atrium on Broadway when Uncle Teddy and I saw a pair of Evisu jeans (some of the frumpiest, cheesiest pants I've ever seen), for $600. Talk about sticker shock. You can buy a Calvin Klein suit for $600, or fly to Europe in July. That's when I said to myself, "this cannot last." I can't wait to watch it come crashing down. Only the good will survive, and I hope their prices go back to normal. Diesel jeans used to seem expensive at $140. Now that would be a clearance price. I've never spent more than $80 on jeans, and I doubt I ever will.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

So cute!

My favorite coworker just invited me to her October wedding, and I am so touched I could cry. I honestly had no idea I'd be invited, because I thought it was just family and friends. She and her fiancé are having it on a boat off the coast of Long Island, and the invitation is appropriately nautical:
I'm waiting for N8than to get home before I pull the message out of the bottle. We're totally going. This is the third wedding we've been invited to this October (only two will actually take place), which is a lot considering I've never been to a wedding in my life. Except for my parents but that was a small affair at my grandparents' house. At the end of October we're going to Waleska's marital extravaganza in Puerto Rico.

Advice for Pataki

The governor of Arkansas has started rewarding employees who lose weight, quit smoking, or do something else healthy with time off.
"Someone calls in sick and you say, why are you sick?" the governor said. "Well, 'I'm 50 pounds overweight and don't get off my rear end and I'm sick' - that's ridiculous! You get rewarded for being sick and the poor guy who is slugging away exercising gets to go to work."
So true! I learned in psychology that positive reinforcement is the best way to modify behavior, so I commend Governor Huckabee, both on his weight loss and his reward program.

Not so sure

Does anyone else think it's a little crazy that Lenny Kravitz is looking at the Duke Semans mansion on 5th avenue? This is almost without a doubt the most beautiful and expensive house in New York City--can Lenny afford it? I don't even remember his last hit. All I know is that he sucks and always has. He's apparently trying to sell his current apartment for $12.95 million, so this would be quite a step up. If he moves in here and turns it into some rocky hipster bullshit sex pad, I'll have words for him. Millionaires Row is just not for rock stars. There are no clubs, no hot bars or cool restaurants. Just the damn museum across the street and bunch of stuffy old rich people like the CEO of my company. Stay below Houston where you belong, Lenny.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

When I was young me and my mama had beef, seventeen years old kicked out on the streets...

I may not have many years of education, but I do posses street smarts, common sense and a keen sense of myself and my abilities. I grew up with a single mother who worked extremely hard to make sure I never went without, she also provided me with an excellent work ethic.

woof woof

Hello, I am an individual seeking employment. My communications skills are excellent, and I am a people person and an animal lover, i myself have 3 wonderful dogs. I am open to any proposals that may be offered at any present time that will allow for my skills to be made evident.


I am a hardworking and hungry individual who really sees this as something I can sink my teeth into.


8 days to go here. Everyone is so upset. I spent all day yesterday listening to various people here trying to convince me to stay. "Look at your career," they said, "MrLittlePants, baby, use your head." I'm going back and forth:
Sometimes I get so excited for FCI that I can't wait to get out of here, and other times I feel like I'm breaking up with a good lover. N8than and I discussed that last night, how getting out of a job has so much in common with getting out of a relationship. You think about all the good times you had, all the laughs, all the things you had planned together. I thought about the holiday dinner (which I'll probably be invited to anyway, if they even have it, because let's face it, I run that show). But then I think about the holiday dinner at FCI, and how it will probably be so much more fun anyway.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Are you kidding me?

hi my name is roman.
i am interested in your available admin asst position.
i am even more interested in the field of Public
my enthusiasm would be ecstatic. i am seriously
considering getting into the PR field and this would
be a great opportunity for mutual benefits. i see how
you work, and you get a new indispensable addition to
your team of professionals.

Oooh! Let's hire this guy!

I would like to express my interest in your advertising firm for the available position of Public Relations Administrative Assistant as described on your agency's web site.

Go ahead, make my day

The job applications have already started pouring in. Here's a nice nugget from the most recent one:

*I routinely have made purchases for daily needs (food, liquor and beer).
*All phone calls for the owner and investors go through me and are put into priority order.

Though liquor might be a daily need here, I don't think it really needs to be on your resume. Next!


The job has been posted.

Take a chance you stupid...

Down to the wire here. I sent my final round of questions to FCI first thing this morning, and then I spoke with my boss when I got to the office. He's making a last ditch plea with the CEO this morning to hire a new person and promote me. I told him that, if CEO isn't interested, then it's not worth it. We can't force it on him. He says that if I do leave, he's putting AG on the phones, a woman who has been working for the company for twenty years but has absolutely no responsibilities except to sit in her beautiful office checking her AOL mail and generally relaxing.
I don't think that's gonna fly, but it would be hilarious. It's almost worth it to quit just to think that she would at least be stuck up here for a while, trying to make personal calls and facing constant interruption.

My decision, much to the dismay of certain people, is this: If I am guaranteed a promotion and a new workspace here, I will stay. If they cannot guarantee that by this afternoon, I'm giving my two weeks.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Oh my god!

Somebody in my office got fired today! They had been threatening it for months, but today he was given 30 days to clear out.

quoi faire

I'm all in a tizzy here. I don't know what to do. I just had a long chat with mom, who convinced me not to take it and then told me why I absolutely must take it. "I'm a woman of strong opinions that change frequently," she said.
I just told my boss that I have an offer, and he gave the following newsflash: the CEO has not yet given approval to hire somebody! The controller has, but the CEO says it's a bad idea. Unbelievable! If that doesn't change, the decision is clear.

In the meantime, I'll take poppy's advice and make some kind of list where I can compare the two jobs. I just learned from FCI that I can't take free classes until I've been there for two years. That's weak, but not if I decide to stay there for a while.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Swept away again

Well, I just finished my interview at the French Culinary Institute. Before I tell you about it, can I relate a little story about my next door neighbor, the queen bitch of all time? She's awful, not that I've ever actually talked to her, cause she's such a freak. Anyway, yesterday some Chinese restaurant slid menus under everyone's door and generally littered all over the building. I took the menu under my door and threw it away, but I noticed that our neighbor didn't pick hers up. Today I get home and her menu is still there. Then when I got back from my interview, her menu was in front of our door! I couldn't believe it. So I slid it back in front of her door. When I got inside, though, I remembered some old person telling me once to "choose my battles," so I went out there, picked it up, and threw it away.


The people at BusinessWire and AT&T have both annoyed me today. Why does it fall on me to catch every mistake? Can't these people who take our money check their work? We put out a news release today over BusinessWire, which I never liked and now like even less. Normally we use PR Newswire, a far superior service. Unfortunately, certain stodgy clients insist on using the former (see photo of client at right). Today they decided that our headline was too long so they put the last four words of it under the date. Why would anyone do that and not mention it? If the headline is too long, you call the client and alert them before you go making some retarded alteration.

Then we had a 12:30 conference call that I set up for Boss with AT+T. Leave it to AT+T to set it for 12:30 Pacific time. I'm sure I said Eastern when I reserved it, and even if I didn't, shouldn't that be the default time zone? That's probably even the default time zone in California. Anyway I'm calling from a 212 number so it should be obvious.

By the way, I tried writing AT+T with ampersands, but blogger exploded.


I'm writing a job posting for the person who will replace me, and it feels like I'm writing my own obituary for some reason. I'll link to it once it's up!

The memo singing my praises and requesting that we hire a new receptionist was approved by LA last night, and the money guy is going to call this morning to discuss "next steps." This does not mean I am cancelling my FCI interview today at 6 pm, but it is good news. Boss called me from his office this morning and begged me to hang in there. I'll find out what these so-called next steps are and keep you posted!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The scramble

The plot has really thickened here. I went down to Wall Street for my job interview at Wall Street Webcasting. What a dump. Seriously, it was the dumpiest office I've ever seen:
There was garbage on the floor, the lights were dim, and people were casual. I saw bare feet in that place. The interview itself went well though. There are two positions open, one for an office person and one for a conference manager. The woman--who looked like Sade--had me marked as applying for the office job, but then she changed her mind after I told her about my extensive conference experience. She wanted me to meet the woman I'd be working with, but she was too busy:

Anyway, she wants me to go back in soon, but I don't know how excited I'd be to work there. I don't ask for much, but please pick up your garbage from the floor.

When I got back, the boss pulled me into his office and said "September 1." He said the memo is going out today, we're posting the job online, and that by September 1 I will definitely be away from the front desk. I'm waiting for a call back from the controller in LA. Of course while I was gone the boss told everyone and he said they all freaked out. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I'm the only person here who actually has to show up every day. Not just because I answer the phone, but because I'm in charge of a ton of annoying things that nobody else can do.

I'm still going to my interview tomorrow, and I'll continue to apply for jobs. In fact, I'd accept an offer if it were tempting enough. I'd also be happy to stay here though. To be continued....


I just told my boss that I was going to lunch downtown and he asked if I was really going to interview. I told him yes, and he flipped out
and said he was going to push to make some changes. I told him he'd been saying that for months, and that even though I like working here, I hate answering the phones and being lied to. So, he told me I could use him as a reference and that he wants me to keep him up to date.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Another interview!

I have an interview for the lazy bastard job tomorrow! I think I'll disguise it as a lunch date. Now I have to learn something about this company...

Jobs for lazy bastards

I just applied for this crazy event planning job because the post was so funny. It's fun to apply to jobs from work when you're mad at your company. The only person here who knows is our intern. He's leaving in a couple days anyway and he understand why I'm so annoyed.