Monday, August 15, 2005

Zuni and Song

n8than and I ate at Zuni Cafe on Market Street Saturday night, and despite a few bugaboos it was a pleasant experience. It's an oddly laid out restaurant, with small rooms all over the place both upstairs and downstairs, and several tables that are practically in the kitchen. The host initially led us to a table that was about 2 feet from the bread slicing station. It's not normally my style to complain, but we had reservations and this is an expensive restaurant. The waiter took us upstairs to another weird table with the seats next to each other, and I didn't much feel like staring at other people all night so I complained again. Finally we got a sexy table in a tiny room where we could face each other and get down to business.

First we ordered the cheapest bottle of wine, a Baux de Provence or something, from Aix, for $24. It was delicious, although we became too drunk to finish it. For an appetizer we had the deep fried squash blossom. It tasted like extremely upscale bar food, especially as it was scattered with onion rings, but I could've eaten a few of those and called it a meal. My main course was a grilled bass with thin discs of cucumber and whole basil leaves, accompanied by a few fat slices of tomato. It was all very good, though the bass was slightly rubbery. n8than, being a strange meat queen, went for the rabbit, which he devoured. We shared a piece of flourless chocolate cake for dessert and left.

My flight home yesterday was atrocious, and I don't think I will fly Song again. Yes, it's cheap, and I enjoy the unique in-flight entertainment system (especially the trivia game!), but the staff is not professional. We took off an hour late, and getting to New York we hit some awful storms. The lightning outside the plane was beautiful, terrifying, and constant. The pilot announced that no flights were landing at JFK, and that we had "about 30 minutes of fuel left." He said he didn't know where we would end up landing, and that he'd keep us posted. Perfect! So we fly around for a while, with the lightning and heavy rain outside scaring the shit out of everybody. Finally he announces that we can land at JFK (at this point I checked our location and we were half way to England--I guess we had more than 30 minutes worth of gas after all).

Once we landed, we sat on the runway for almost an hour. Somebody got up to use the bathroom, and the bitchy head stewardess announces that we are not allowed to get up, and that if she sees anyone else stand or use the bathroom she will order the pilot to stop the plane. I finally got home at about 11 pm, and it was still pouring rain outside. I suppose I am lucky to have gotten home at all, and that most of it wasn't Song's fault. I just didn't like the tone taken by the stewardess or cavalier attitude of the pilot.

The good news is that I apparently missed the hottest days of the summer, and it's cool out now!


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